We love being a part of something  GLOBALLY that influences community LOCALLY-- won't you join us!?

Timbertown Coffee was created THROUGH the love of coffee and for the LOVE of people.

Here at Timbertown Coffee, our mission is to provide amazing tasting coffees to share with those around us, to be intentional in all we do, to encourage other business owners and entrepreneurs, and support our local economy. 

Our small batch, fresh roasted coffees are imported from all over the world!

We begin by sourcing our coffees from coffee farmers– evaluating how they grow and prepare their coffees. We then consider altitude levels,  flavor profile and cupping scores, and then decide if these profiles fit our standards.

Jerry G.

“After searching for years, I finally found the coffee I had been looking for.”

Your customers will surely find a favorite coffee using our specialty roasts!

We are more than willing to help you decide what coffee would work best in your establishment, whether it be for brewing or for selling. As a wholesaler, we're so excited to partner with you as you give the very BEST to your customers.

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