Hunting the Harvest Signature Blend


Notes of caramel, milk chocolate

What are Timbertown Coffee’s private-label non-profit roasts?

Timbertown Coffee is excited to partner with non-profits and ministries we care about. This is part of our ongoing mission to support people and organizations doing good things in the world. When you purchase this coffee, a portion of the proceeds go to furthering your chosen non-profit’s cause.

About this non-profit:
What is Hunting the Harvest?

Hunting the Harvest has one purpose and that is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through engagement in the outdoors. The three main verticals of HTH are:

1. Outreach Events – These events target outdoorsmen, women and youth through Wild game dinners, archery camps and outdoor adventure camps.

2. Hunting Camps – These camps facilitate 6 to 16 outdoorsmen/women (depending on the type of hunt) and seek to create an atmosphere that encourages daily Bible studies, devotional challenges, and opportunities to share the Gospel with specific guests hand-picked by the other attendees of the camp.

These guests typically join our camps at a reduced cost as we want to limit any restrictions to their attendance.

3. Media Connection – Hunting the Harvest has been able to build a solid social media platform in order to develop partnerships with like-minded businesses and as another opportunity to share the Gospel.

Also, the content of our hunts and camps will be used for the development of our streaming channel as we desire to expand our outreach.

Coffee specific….

Coffee gives us yet another outlet for Gospel outreach, but please let it be known, we are not ok with mediocre coffee!

We have partnered with Timbertown Coffee in order to bring you the best small batch roast coffees available. We always want to make sure that each endeavor has a mission in mind so please know that part of the proceeds from each sale are used to help fund scholarships for youth camps and our hunting camps.

Thank you for partnering with us even as you enjoy our incredible coffee!

Bag Size

12 ounce bag

Whole Bean / Ground

Ground – Auto Drip, Ground – Espresso, Ground – French Press, Ground – Pour Over, Whole Bean


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